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  1. Hi all, Just took out a smart service plus plan with for about a month ago. I'm abit suspicious there's something wrong with my 2010 Fiesta Titanium (Zetec S Kit). Does anyone know if it's free of charge to drop the car in for a health check if I have the smart service plus plan? Plan Details: Thanks!
  2. I just took it out for a drive there now and I noticed the noise wasn't there. Is seems that it only becomes apparent after I've been driving for a while? Weird...
  3. Thanks guys, hopefully get it sorted tomorrow when I go to get it checked out! Don't even know how long I've had this issue, you can't really hear it over the A/C / Radio.
  4. If it is a bearing is it easily fixed? And would you be able to get a new bearing over the weekend? Or would it have to be ordered from ford?
  5. The noise does not stop when breaking nor does it matter if I'm turning or not, even when driving in a straight line it happens. It sounds sort of like if you ran a stick along a metal fence, if that makes sense?
  6. I'm going to get it looked at tomorrow (and hopefully fixed), will it still be safe enough to drive to and from work until tomorrow?
  7. Yeah I've checked the tyre for stones/nails, I wish it was a simple fix!
  8. I have a clicking kind of noise coming from my passenger side wheel area. The frequency of the noise will increase as I speed up. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I drive a 2010 Fiesta Titanium with a Zetec S body kit.
  9. Hey Guys Currently I have white footwell lights, however i want to change them to red. Could you advise on what bulbs to buy? I bought 501 capless red LED's from ebay, although when fitted them they didnt give an ambient glow like the white ones, it was sort of like a concentrated red point coming from the LED. These are the ones i purchased and didn't work Thank You
  10. Hello Does anyone know if it is possible to fit the sony radio into a 2009 fiesta titanium? I currently have the normal radio unit with AUX input, however, i would like to install bluetooth and USB along with the sony radio unit. Does anyone know how to go about this or even if it could be done? Thanks
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Shannon Sloan :)