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  1. Headlight Question....

    Following on from my previous post i now have a Mk 7 bumper in Panther black available to whoever wants it......it is cracked underneath the drivers headlight but i'm sure someone could do something with it? All i would ask is that you cover P and P....
  2. So i hit a deer last week and it cracked the front bumper, took out the headlight and the bottom fog....i was pretty lucky i suppose with the damage....anyway fitted a new bumper today along with the fog and all in all it was pretty easy however when i was trying to replace the headlight i got to the bit where you need to put a flat headed screwdriver into a slot to remove the electrical connector and the clip snapped.......so i now cannot get out the connector....as i have already done damage i thought i would ask on here for advice as to what to do now?? Oh it's a MK7 Fiesta 1.2 the guide i followed can be found here info on the connectors bout 1/4 way down..... any help mucho appreciated :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Rick_ford55 :)