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  1. @AskAmexUK @Kenwood_Chef Thank you Liam, but looking for a easy way instead make a international call

  2. Hello everybody: just back to inform the problem: The front left supension coil , got broken on the base ( long time ago ) but on the lasts weeks, the broken part get loose and made the noise in bumps or uneven roads. attach picture similar to the problem. Alex
  3. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all of our Irish fans!We hope you have a great day

  4. Do you or your Mum remember unpacking your new Kenwood Chef in the 1960's ? Relive unpacking your mixer when it...

  5. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all our wonderful mums!

  6. Thank you, I check that on the week... croos fingesr there is not major problems ..
  7. Thank you very much wase16ll , I will try check that on the week, and back to the forum if there any news about that... your answer help a lot.. :) if someone have same experience, please advise... regards Alex
  8. USER MANUALSLooking for a Mixer User Manual ?User Manuals can be Downloaded for all mixers including A700,...

  9. Hello Forum.. hope all well, .. have a some concern about my Fiesta. Fiesta late 2009 (59) Zetec Auto 1.4 - Rattles A strange rattle noise has developed on the passenger side at the front engine bay area / front wheel area. Normal driving is fine, but when driven over pot hole/ bump in road something rattles. It started off infrequent but is now more frequent. Still happens when steering around a corner, whether driving fast or slow. Is now quite loud and can be heard even louder with the window wound down. I guessed it was a broken spring, but all looks fine. Any one else had the same problem? There is a link to hearing the audio recorded with my phone : AUDIO And have attached a phone recordings of the noise in the hope someone can advise what it is? Please help. Alex. Memo(1)
  10. Hi Stone, Hi Inah: Thank you for your fast answer, has been checked as describe Stone, on FordEtis , and no appear ESP listed, then Stone comfirm that. got big confusion, because the brochure say ESP come std on Zetec version, but maybe the bruchure is 2010. and not 2009 as told me. Then problem sorted out.. thanks again Alex
  11. Hello everyvone, ... Sorry if this question has been posted before, but cannot find. Im owner of Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 automatic, ( late 2009 ) . I am new to cars.. so not very good with all instruments. I am concered that my ESP light indicator does not show when put the ignition ON ? However reading the instruction manual, it says if the indicator does not illuminate when the ignition is switched on or if it stays illuminated whilst driving, it indicates a malfunction. Can you advise if there is a valid reason for this? The car is under guarantee, I should claim for that ? Also my partner has a Ford Mondeo Zetec 1.8 ( late 2004 ) and appear same of my, the light no show when the ignition is switched on, It cant be coincidence both have fail the ESP. ? There is not switch off of ESP available for that models. Please can anyobe help?
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Alex Clark :)