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  2. Help Help Help

    I have been searching the internet for weeks looking for a pdf version of haynes ford focus 98-01 manual if any one could be so kind enough to have 1 maybe they could let me know and email me it. My car is on a Y so not sure of the book after that will help but anything will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. I tried the ford ET site but I really dont understand it
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    Thanks for the reply, I got it fixed, I had the yellow and red wires crossed from my old car and forgot about it, only on checking today I realised and crossed the wires back and now its perfect
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    hello I am new
  5. my temp guage in my mk1 focus stays at normal most of the time but then jumps up to red for a few seconds then comes back down. I have checked the temp of the water and it is definately not over heating. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Help

    I have installed an after market stereo in my mk1 focus but when I turn the ignition off I lose memory to it. I have installed it with a lead adaptor, not by cutting wires Does anyone know how to sort this? sorry if this has been asked before, I am new to the forum
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums grdnclbrt :)