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  1. Fiesta Bulbs List

    I agree it's probably a bad idea to try and retrofit DRLs or convert the fog lights to DRLs, because real DRLs will automatically dim when the headlights come on, so you're not dazzling other drivers. Unless your'e going all out and setting up some dimmable DRLs then I wouldn't bother. (And I'm sure it's been mentioned on here how bad it is to see other cars with the DRLs wired to stay at full brightness at night, not good for the retinas of other road users) Edit: or should that be retinae? haha
  2. Fiesta Bulbs List

    ^ I think the dealer is talking nonsense to be honest. The auto lights don't turn on and off frequently - you can see that from the light that comes on in the speedo. I think it's designed to not turn the light on and off too often, maybe so they don't distract other drivers. From my experience the lights come on when the lighting conditions aren't very good, and I've never thought "why are the lights on now?" as others have complained about. It's a very well designed system.
  3. Fiesta Bulbs List

    ^ I was going to mention automatic lights. Do you know if he meant they are killing bulbs as in he thinks there is something wrong with the automatic system? I doubt that's the reason, but auto lights will activate the lights for a lot more time than the average person would i.e. whenever the sun is low in the sky. I don't doubt that cars with auto lights will get through more bulbs, but they will also be safer because most people refuse to turn on their lights until the sun sets. And yes the fog lights are easy to get to if you turn the wheels, just a couple of screws to take out and the plastic around the wheel arch bends out of the way. It's also possible to get at them from the engine bay.
  4. Fiesta Bulbs List

    ^ I agree about a year being average for some bulbs. That's how long my first set of Crystalvisions lasted. I think these bulbs are brighter to compensate for the tinted coating which gives a whiter light by blocking out some of the yellow light (I think that's how it works anyway).
  5. Fiesta Bulbs List

    How long did that bulb last, and did you touch the glass part of the bulb at all when putting it in? (that can cause the bulb to fail early)
  6. Ford Fair 2016

    I'll be there again this year, but might decide to camp there the night before to avoid all the horrible queues.
  7. Malton Big Breakfast Easter 2016 I'll be going to this :). Who else is interested?
  8. New Focus Rs Quote

    Nice one, so you'll have it at Ford Fair then :). Shame about the door protectors, they look like a really good feature. Maybe if you wait for the inevitable crashed RS to appear on ebay you could salvage those parts off it haha.
  9. New Focus Rs Quote

    ^ Saw that vid on Youtube last night, very impressive. I think he showed off the drift mode quite well, and I also like that the car warns you that that mode is "for track use only" lol.
  10. New Focus Rs Quote

    Nice one :). That's probably the best colour too, looks amazing in close ups that I've seen. Are those all the options you can get on it?
  11. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    There's also the possibility that the Corsa is gradually decaying into compost after being abandoned in a garden 
  12. New Focus Rs Quote

    That's what I was thinking, they certainly won't have any trouble selling them. It's a really good deal really - you're getting lot of car for £30k considering what it can do.
  13. Ford Sync Updates

    Do you know if this is only for Sync 2, or will Fiestas with Sync 1 get an update too? I think Ford are still selling Fiestas with Sync 1 but could be wrong.
  14. New Focus Rs Quote

    And that's the other thing putting me off, I kept worrying about my Fiesta ST when it was new, so I think if I had an RS I wouldn't be able to let it out of my sight. 
  15. New Focus Rs Quote

    Also I find it funny that you can have it with active city stop. As if the huge Brembo brakes aren't enough to stop you.