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  1. Any1 Up For A 2013 Club Meet??

    hi every1, im after a meet in 2013 if any1s interested, ive never set 1 up so any help would b thanked, ive been out the car scene 4 a while since it got a high court injunction where we used meet rnd our end + avin kids dont help ya drive time lol, so if any1s interested give suggestions on places to meet or cruises we cud do, wud love to see a load of fords together crusin down the m6 or goin 4 a countryside spin, snowdon ect, get some awsome snaps of your cars! i saw a load of fords in snowdon earlier this year n i loved it evan stopped my escort got out n watched as some spankin mk1 n 2 escorts came roarin past. cheers phil
  2. New Member

    hi mate, how do u get those foc stickers for your windows, ndo u no of any ford meets in the new year?
  3. New Member

    Hi guys I'm new on here. I've always been into fords n once my escorts sorted I want to start goin 2 meets, I'm drivin a 1.3 fiesta atm, does any1 no of any 2013 meets my escort should b sorted end of January Thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Philstokie :)