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  1. Sunrise at Woodlands Edge; Sonning Common, Oxfordshire UK. I always find the edges of places fascinating — t

  2. Mmmn, Christmas Chocolate. Something a little more festive, today, and certainly more tasty! A selection of

  3. Vanitas-style Still Life. A lighting study. Vanitas, from the Latin for vanity, was a popular style of pain

  4. ‘Spice’. Final of three related still-life photos, this one themed around spices, nuts and exotic imports. L

  5. Ice & Fire. Sunrise, this morning, over the playing fields at Sonning Common, Oxfordshire U @ Sonning Common

  6. Sprinkling. Sonning Common, Oxfordshire, UK. A cold, cold frosty day today, with just a light sprinkling of

  7. Still Life: ‘Opulence’. More elements to this shot, than the previous composition, this one's based on the t

  8. Leatherbound. For #mono_monday, I was inspired by a shot in the really excellent book 'Still Life Photograph

  9. Still Life — Pearls, Brass and Wood. Spent far, far too long today messing about with still life composition

  10. Prickly. An oddly abstract shot, of haw-frost on the top of a fencepost (for a slightly d @ Sutton Courtenay

  11. Berries and Bokeh. Another bubble-tank shot, taken as the bubbles have almost gone, so tiny little bubbles r

  12. Frost and Rust. A frosty hawthorn leaf, caught on some rusty barbed wire, for #barbedwire @ Sutton Courtenay

  13. '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    I too have recently had the problem where the boot switch refuses to work, the boot unlatches when the break pedal is released, and the keyfob button works okay. At first I thought it must be the boot switch unit, not helped by the fact that the problem goes away a couple of days after the rain has stopped. Cleaned out the switch, no real sign of water ingress in it -- couple of days (and some more rain) later, problem reoccurred. Have read through all the info here, and eventually homed in on the black connector block, near side, behind lots of hard to remove trim -- nothing obviously wrong with it, no sign of dampness, but touching it caused the latch to start jumping madly. Fiddled around a bit, and the latch started working normally, rear button works, no activity on break light deactivation. Still not certain as to exactly where the problem lies -- it must be a short somewhere, there's a cable disappearing from the black connector into the reversing lights / rear fog light assembly -- this is very low down and must constantly be exposed to kick-up moisture from the road.There was significant water ingress around the center rear break light, but disconnecting this assembly made no difference. There was slight water ingress around the tail-light assembly, particularly on the near side, indicating that moisture may have made it down to the connector block, but there's no sign on the block itself. Will have to keep monitoring the situation -- will post back if any more determinative information.
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums memoryweaver :)

  15. Sunrise over Brightwell Barrow, Brightwell-!Removed!-Sotwell, Oxfordshire UK. At this time of @ Whittenham Clumps