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  1. Winter Related Gremlins

    The drivers door on my focus seems not to like the cold snap we're having. It seems that when the temp is below 4 degrees the wing mirror and central locking stops working. Once the car has warmed up they work again. Anyone else have some little niggles like this in the winter? Alastair
  2. Winter Fuel Consuption

    The colder air of the winter is more dense which means there's actually more of it entering the air box. A simple carburetta would add more fuel to stop the engine running lean. I should think a modern engine management system would compensate for air temp/pressure and control the amount of air entering the manifold. I'm not an expert. My old focus had an induction kit. I had to make a sock for it to wear over the winter. As Marcr1 said check your tyre pressures, they might be down a bit. Remember fuel is also more dense and heavier so if you always have a full tank you will be lugging more weight around. Alastair
  3. Head Unit Swap

    Hi guys, I have a 2008 Titanium with a bottom of the range stereo fitted. I would like change my current Sony head unit. It's the base model type so it doesn't do much. I don't want an after market unit, I want it to look like it belongs to the car so it has to be a ford unit. I like the sat nav versions but will I have the connectors in the car to plug in to the head unit? I assume the sat nav needs an aerial of some kind. Will I just have to remove my Sony and have a look at what's down the back before deciding? What about the 6 CD version. Do these need a CD changer in the boot? Hell even the DAB version will be better than the current unit. Thanks Alastair
  4. Another Newbie

    Hi guys and gals, I've been a smitten focus owner for the last 9 years but I thought I'd better join as I've just bought a 2008 Titanium and I have a few questions regarding upgrading some of my cars features. No-one knows more about Focus's or is that Foci than you guys so I look forward to discussing the upgrades I have in mind. Thanks Alastair
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums EnglishElectric :)