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  1. 99 Focus Running Issue

    The car still runs but is very rough, i have no warning lights on the dash board, is there any tests i can do to check if its the ignition coil or leads before i start buying parts? I dont know anyone with a reader and i dont really wanna drive the car, just wanna know what the most probable fault is
  2. 99 Focus Running Issue

    Hi I wonder if someone out there can help me... I have a 1999 (S Reg) Focus LX 1.6 Petrol (114k Miles) Today after driving the car without issue, i started the car for the return journey and it started splutterring at low revs and i was experiencing a loss of power, after driving it home (carefully) i now notice the engine does not sound right almost across the whole rev band, it sounds fine idling. I have no leaks from the car, all fluids seem to be fine, air filter is clean, HT leads are al connected and seem in good condition any ideas what the problem could be? thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums joeparsons84 :)