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  1. Couldn't sort mine until I read the above, filed down the 2 wedges on the tags and reassembled, works like a treat!
  2. The simple fixes are always the best and normally the cheapest!
  3. Small flat bladed screwdriver and gently prise them off.
  4. Mine oddly started working after I replaced my sidelight bulb, flicked on the switch to test and it started to chime!
  5. The speed sensor is a common fault, either the sensor has gone or the ecu needs a firmware update. It's unlikely to be connected and isn't the cause of the fault but is stored as a code. Isn't the pre-cat O2 sensor a 4 wire heated type on that engine? Either 1 or both sensors are faulty or the engine thinks its at temp before it is which is then kicking the O2 sensor into life which is then making it run lean and cutting out?
  6. The cat code is probably the cause - not the cat itself, but one of the sensors is probably gone and its probably the post cat sensor, the values whilst the engine is cold are out, I'd hazard a guess that even when warm it's probably not pulling as well as it could do.
  7. It could be the filament was weak and moving the light unit was enough to disconnect but the break may be so fine you can't see it - Change the bulb and try it. Wiper - Probably just coincidence
  8. They look good, I went for a different style to the foglight versions as I know many people around here are stupid and think that any lights in that area are fog lights so like to flash you to tell you.
  9. Have you done a manual calculation? Eg fill the car and note the the exact mileage, then when it needs filling note the exact mileage and now much fuel went in, that way you can work out exactly how much fuel the car used regardless of the roads etc, then compare to what the onboard computer reckons.
  10. Great guide which is really helpful, 2 suggestions/hints which may help people. I didn't piggy back of that fuse but instead plugged the piggyback connector into the empty fuse socket to the left in the picture, that's also 12v ignition live but doesn't have anything else running of it in my car. I had two blue/orange wires in my headlight harness (though one may be Orange/blue but hard to tell) but my sidelight was in the b/o wire in pin 4 (numbered on the actual connector).
  11. The steering wheels seem pretty hard to come by at the moment, but as I have a 4 spoke wheel anyway would the following fit?
  12. Thanks, think I just found something to do with my week off! :-)
  13. Is there a handy guide for blanking the egr?
  14. Yep that makes the same soft tone.
  15. You won't get massive gains without throwing a lot of money at your car at which point you have to ask is it worth it? I spent a lot of time modifying cars a few years ago and once you have done the basics as you have then you only get gains once you start major work. But, to echo the advice above - I've got 17 years and over 600,000 miles driving experience, I've been taught how to drive by an advanced police response driver, been taught how to ride a motorbike by an police motorbike rider/instructor and I still get unstuck sometimes, power isn't everything but having the skill to use what power you have in the safest and most effective way will benefit you more. And yes, brakes are one of those things that many people forget to look at along with the rubber on their tyres - 2 vital parts of a car.