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  1. Fiesta Mk5 Speedo Problem

    Hi All I have a stange problem if someone can help. I have a 2000 mk5 Fiesta 1.3 with a non working speedo, it is the electronic type, I have removed it from the gear box and when spun by hand with the ignition on moves the speedo, I have also checked the gearbox drive which rotates when the car is pushed in gear. I have also put the instrument cluster through the test proceedure and all seems well. Now when all reconected and the car driven the speedo does not work but the red LED immobiliser light flashes, it is not lit when stationary but flashes as you start to move and the faster you drive the faster it flashes, as you slow up it also slows up until you stop and it goes out, a couple of times whilst driving the speedo worked for a short time but not for long., there are also a few times when approaching junctions etc when the car is in neutral and on tickover it stalls. With the ignition off the LED flashes every 2-3 seconds. All other things seem to be working OK Any ideas would help as I am lost Regards Kevin
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums mondeoghiax :)