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  1. Help Needed Asapppp

    Thanks alot! Big help.
  2. Headlight Plastic Weather Shield Mk2.5

    i Actually know a Ford Breaker that can get hold on these, can you post a picture for the right style as there are 6 different styles within the space of the last 3 years, i can get hold of a few for yourself. Regards Ronnie.
  3. Help Needed Asapppp

    Alright guys im making this because i have came to a big pickle, i brought myself a Ford Fiesta Freestyle 1.25 Zetec s Y REG im not so happy about the lastest facelift on the car, and i dont like the freestyle bumpers etc, does the Body Kit off a Fiesta ZetecS 1.6 fit on this? or will it not fit at all help needed as dont want to waste few hundred on new one and it dont fit Many Thanks Guys Ford Racing Club Santa Way 2013! Modified Fiestas Club Thanks Ronnie.
  4. Hi guys, recently passed my test in November, so i brought myself a ford Fiesta Freestyle. It has a 1.25 Zetec S Engine fitted, its the MK5 version with the Facelift. I'm after a bit of help, i want to remove the freestyle bumpers and skirts, and replace them with the Zetec S 1.6 version, does anyone know if this will fit or if I'm going to have trouble. Will be my first little project as I'm young. And ill be converting it to a puma setup in years to come. Regards Roundy.
  5. I need to get my car on road. Insurance is a killer!

  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Roundy :)

    1. Roundy


      thanks new to ford, have recently brought a foesta mk5 freestyle zetec s 1.25 so im going to e driving and working on it :]