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  1. Rough Idle Tdci 1.6

    thanks jeebowhite, i hope the move to the fiesta section helps. deiselpig, i bought the car private it was fine when i bought it, then one morning when i whent to go out and it was acting up. thanks John
  2. Rough Idle Tdci 1.6

    hi, it seams like its missing when its ticking over and in 1st gear, when its ticking over the engine shakes. but when in 2nd it smooth out,its like its got an electric gremlin at tickover and in 1st. thanks john.
  3. Rough Idle Tdci 1.6

    has anyone got even the faintist idea of whats wrong with my car, im at a loss and can't aford to put it in the garage at the moment. thanks John.
  4. Rough Idle Tdci 1.6

    Hi folks this is my first post so hope i'm in the right section, i have a fista tdci 1.6 S, 05 with 60000 miles on the clock the problem is that it runs rough at idle the engine kicks a bit and is rough when eccelerating in1st gear as well but as soon i change into 2nd it seem to run fine, it does this even when hot, other than that it run/pulls well. any advice would be a great help. i'v only had the car few weeks, and it has FSH. thanks in advance John.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums jonny 5 :)