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  1. Noisy Drive

    Just 12 hours before I'm due to trade in my Fusion for an 11 plate Mondeo I heard a grating noise coming from the front left. First of all it was only when the engine was under load & would disappear when I pressed the clutch pedal in. By the time a got home (3 miles) it had progressively got worse & louder, although still disappears when clutch pedal is pushed in. Gearbox or clutch? Expensive repair (either suspect) ? Will still be going ahead with the Mondeo but can't do the p/x now :(
  2. Fusion Tdi Oil Leak

    You were spot on Steve, #1 Injector seal had blown - cost me £108 for new seal & fitting, mechanic said carbon build up was terrible.
  3. Seem to have developed a problem with the heater on my Fusion. Providing the engine is doing at least 2000 RPM the heater works fine, however, when the revs drop below this (stopping at lights or slow moving traffic) the heater only blows cold air (not the best time of the year), it then takes a fair while to start blowing warm/hot air again. Blower works fine, coolant level is correct & Temp Gauge is in normal range & doesn't drop at all. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Fusion Tdi Oil Leak

    Thanks Steve, it is oil - no drop off in performance & mpg still pretty good. Fumes getting into the cabin is like exhaust fumes.
  5. Fusion Tdi Oil Leak

    Hi, my first post. For about a week there has been a very bad smell (like exhaust fumes) in the cabin of my 1.6 TDi. Today I did a check & found that around #1 injector was a pool of oil which seems to be the cause of the smell. Any ideas as to what's caused the leak & easy fix or garage job. Thank in advance.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Petestdi :)