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  1. Engine Running To Cold

    Ok guys thanks for the messages. This weekend I'm fixing the Evo. But hopefully one day in the week I'll get the mondeo on the ramp and have a good healthy nose around. I will of course report back on my findings. Thanks again chaps.
  2. Engine Running To Cold

    Hello I have a good one for you guys I have a 2003 2.0 diesel mondeo. For a few months now the engine has been running far to cold. It runs fine but the needle never moves. I have replaced thermostats, water pump and engine temp sensor. I have used the scanner to run live data and the car is recording a running temp of 45 degrees. And the pipes feel Luke warm to the touch either side of the thermostats housing The temp needle does move after and half an hours driving at 90mph Does anyone have any ideas as to why the car is doing this and how it can be fixed? Very confused ford owner Thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Infinitemonkee :)

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      Thank you for having me.