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  1. Sometimes on mine sound like grit on them when closin horrible noise x
  2. None of you will be disapointed believe me ive had my st2 in white and !Removed! love it. Havin my wheels powdercoated black in the nxt few weeks everybody looks at it great car.
  3. well i rang my ins and they said 15.00 more for the yr runs out jan 2014 so cant be that much higher than my mk7 zetec s ?? x
  4. thats the first thing im gonna do when i get my new st powdercoat them black not keen on the grey that it comes with.
  5. ive done really well then got 25k out of mine i motorway drive everyday x
  6. mmm so so 7500 for a 10 plate 25k on the clock x what about u?? u worried bout havin one of the first lot ??
  7. mines due first week in april too i ordered the same as u bud cant wait x
  8. thats stupid cause they are they have only changed panels. ive ordered a new st today in white cant wait either my zs is for sale maybe i should put it on here heyx
  9. yea i like them on mine too will miss them not being on the new st but suppose will get used to them not being there hey. u getting the 1.0 ecoboost ??? supposed to be a nice drive x
  10. ive got them on my zs have you got um on the new st or am i not reading post rite lol x
  11. what sensors bud ??
  12. just a bit worried about havin one of the first ones what do u guys think i had one of the first st mk6 and had quite a few problems x
  13. bud how much did they give you for yr zetec s ?? gonna go garages on friday to have a look. mines a 2010 plate with 25 k on it.
  14. what should it be guys interesting to know ???
  15. anybody had this on their zs ????? nobody has replied x