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  1. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    just bought this months issue of top gear magazine and the new corsa gets a proper slating in the supermini ratings!!!
  2. thanks for that link , more understanding now mate
  3. cheers mate....sounds complex lol
  4. hi folks , i own a 2008 mk7 fiesta zetec s..... keep hearing about this ti-vct ( variable cam timing) thingy????......i dont wish to sound thick but will mine have this??? thanks for any help in this
  5. Mk7 Whining Gearbox/bearings? *videos*

    hi mate , i have the exact same noise , same car........i have noticed it worse when engine is cold and goes quiet when warm....mine has only done 25000....been told in the past it can just be a tight bearing not worn.....also noticed how much heavier the clutch is when cold.... :)
  6. hello!!!! nice to be here!!!

  7. Welcome to the Ford forums alzi :)