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  1. Hi Many thanks to both of you for your help it worked a treat. Sorry about the delay in replying.
  2. Hi I have a 3 door Fiesta Titanium with Keyless entry which has recently thrown up a problem in that the passengers door door will not open with the drivers door. However if I walk around to the passengers door with the key fob on me I can open the passengers door with the button. Any help/ideas would be appreciated
  3. Hi can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to fit MK1 Focus RS brembo callipers to a MK 7 fiesta fitted with 17 inch street pack wheels. Many thanks
  4. Hi does anyone have the Ford part numbers for the MK8 ST rear corner pieces/sport flaps for the fitting the St diffuser to the MK7. Many thanks
  5. Thanks for replying. The seats have the switches etc I am hoping to complete the work for next weekend any help would be appreciated Thanks again l
  6. Hi does anyone have any info on how to wire in heated leather seats to a 2009 Fiesta Titanium the car has leather seats at the moment but I want to change them for the heated ones I have purchased.
  7. Hi another item from thailand, ebay number 221401393022. Daniel is this the one that you wanted
  8. You could be right about the quality however he has supplied quite a number of RS grills which members seem to be satisfied with but these are an unknown item at the moment. You are also right about the different shape, perhaps this is a copyright issue, You pay your money you take your chance I suppose.
  9. Mountune look alike spoiler extensions at a more reasonable price ebay number 321354750178
  10. Hi new seller on ebay for the RS grill item number 271415153065. Perhaps the competiion will drive the price down
  11. Hi I have a 2009 Fiesta Titanium with leather seats. It appears that the heater elements are all there on both seats. I have looked on the Ford Etis site and it appears that the seat temperature controls were omitted during the build stage in Germany. Does anyone know what parts and part numbers if possible I would need to get them working. Thanks
  12. Hi can anyone help. I have a 59 plate fiesta 1.6 TitaniumTDCI with keyless entry. The problem I have is altough the doors will lock either with the remote or by pushing the button on the the door handle the boot can still be opened manually by pushing the button on the tailgate whist the doors are locked. The boot however still opens as normal when pressing the button on the remote. I have now disconnected the manual button for security and I am opening it with the remote. Any ideas/help would be appreciated