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  1. __hello FOC. As you can gather im new on the forum and desperately need some advice or help. My daughter owns a 2007 Ford KA, she has had it from new and up to a year ago, drove it every day. She has been away travelling for the last 6 months, on her return she tried to start the car but there was no power, no ignition, no hazard light etc. I assumed it needed charging, took the battery and successfully charged it - the charger reported charged and maintaining. I put it back in the car, attached everything as it was but there is still no power to the car, not even hazard light or central locking, nothing! I have since, taken the battery to a mechanic who tested it fine with an 81% test rating. He then attempted to connect everything and still no power. He has also checked the fuses in the main engine compartment which all appear ok. We are all baffled, he has suggested I take it to FORD directly to see if they can get to the bottom of it but thought id try the owners club first just in case someone has had a similar issue and resolved it. Would greatly appreciate any help / advice out there.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums enzorocket :)