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  1. Hello And Happy New Year!

    Hi dezwez, Cheers for the responce. I see you are a fellow Focus driver. I've had mine now for 7 years, it's an 03 plate, and i've only had one problem. The speedo sender unit/sensor failed as do quite a lot of '03/53' focus' did. Any problems with yours? Matt
  2. Hello

    Hi, I'm new here today also. I have to say I do like the Fiesta's of late, I think they are fab! What is yours like to drive? Considering getting one soon you see. Matt
  3. My name is Matt and I drive a Focus 1.6 Ghia and an Escort 1.8i LX. Joined here to be more involved with my cars and to get to know others with similar interests - Fords! Cheers Matt
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums mrc81 :)

    1. mrc81


      Hi Steve. Thanks for your welcome. Hopefully I will explore the website now Christmas is over!