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  1. Thanks again for replying Lee, I'm concerned as to the marks on the wheel, is your steering wheel leather? The main reason I'm looking for one is when I go away and park my car in a car park for a few days and I don't want the marks. Has anyone got any other recommendations?
  2. Thanks for the reply Lee, what's that one called? What made you choose that one over the others? Also does it leave Marks on the wheel? Thanks again.
  3. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but but are these still the 2 best options for wheellocks? The stoplock pro & the disklok. Cheers for any advice.
  4. Connor maybe an asian grill next?
  5. Sounds odd that one says it would need reprogramming and the other didn't, Fraud there usual helpful selves.
  6. I'd certainly get the tyre place to pay, it's there fault for breaking it!
  7. Being as you have 5K to spend, why wouldn't you just go and buy a Zetec S?
  8. Personally not to my taste but it's your opinion that matters not others.
  9. Andy, can I ask you what difference does the filter make then?
  10. Yeah I think it definitely has to be done though!
  11. Ah wow okay. I shall definitely be looking to get this and the rear done for mine!! Rude not to at that price!!
  12. I prefer the washers in black personally. But each to there own. How much did it set you back all the plastics and painting if you don't mind me asking.
  13. Did you do them yourself? Looks good.
  14. So it's not too loud at day motorway speeds then?
  15. Might be best to upload to YouTube and link it. But sounds up my street, any drown at motorway speed?