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  1. Thanks guys for the additional details, I have established that i have the MKI registered on the 30/04/2004. As this is a second car mainly for the wife,I need it up to spec, i need to get some work done on it. Been looking at engine sumps on ebay, where i found a chap with 100% feedback selling various parts and also what i need, as these sumps are around a £100 to buy new from other sources, i just wondered if buying the sump off ebay stated as new for £50, would it be up to speck or could it be a thinner build, any suggestions?.
  2. Thanks Clive, Trying to establish if mine is MKI or MKII, according to your images, its a MKI, new to Focus so was finding it hard. Is there any difference on the rear would you know ?. Regards..
  3. Trying to identifier the difference between a MKI 2004 & MKII 2004 Focus, can some one educate me please..
  4. Hi. Just what i done with the Pajero..
  5. Thanks John, Have had some run in's with a EGR valve before, but not on the Ford, it was with my Pajero, which after a little TLC has been sorted and runs real good now. The only issue i have had so far is a rattle in the front area, certainly not from the engine, but possibly from one of the joints, perhaps needs a rubber replacment... The Focus is going in for a full service Friday, so hopfully all will get sorted then.
  6. Hi all. Just purchased a 2004 Focus 1.8 TDCi 5 dr Ghia, with 69000 on the clock. not much service history, decent car, needs some TLC to the body, minor scratches and good clean inside. I do intend to take it to my local garage to have a full engine service , but mean while would like to know if anyone knows of any issues or anything to look out for with the this model. Thanks.
  7. Being the owner of a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi Ghia 2004, just wanted to say hi and hopefully i will find the topics interesting and helpful, picking up tips as i go along..i will most likly be placing some questions to get to know the car better. anyway, HellOoooo and regards. Tony
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums On Focus :)