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  1. Well, in this case my cluster maybe isn't compatible because is European (Portugal but make in Germany)!!! Where can i see if my cluster is compatible? Tks.
  2. I understand what you say!! and that's my fear!! But in the end everything was working, right?
  3. Good afternoon guys! I need your help / clarification before and start the cluster update my Focus mk2.5 from 2009. I have the rom 0243, can I update to 0509? The ELM327 is set to 38400 bit / s baud rate. I have to change to another value or keep it? If something goes wrong, the car is immobilized? Thanks for your help and sorry for my English!
  4. hello community. I'm from Portugal and I come to know your forum. I have followed some threads and found to be the right time for my presentation. I have a Focus X Titanuim X from year 2009 with 90cv and vitamin!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums jbaiao :)