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  1. Happy Birthday Johannapam1!

  2. This is the link.
  3. Has anyone used or owned this: Advanced fault diagnostics for Ford cars Available from Gendan at £380 odd Where is the connector in both a 2012 Fiesta and a 2012 Focus. Thanks
  4. +1 Regards John
  5. If you are referring to the Climaire window deflectors - I have a full set fitted on my Focus and they do not make a noise nor do they prevent the windows closing? Thoroughly recommend them. Regards John
  6. All the best - there are a number of options with this company at different prices - should find something you like.
  7. JC Seat covers - I am in the process of ordering at the moment.
  8. I have the same issue - it sometimes switches back but not always. I don't have a phone connected. I just press the "aux" button and the USB initiates again. Regards John
  9. I have the Ford assist and I believe it is the AA. Regards John
  10. Sorry you lost them Hassen- thanks for info. I have fitted mine now and they really do look quite nice. Regards John
  11. Thanks cuke Regards John
  12. Thanks Stoney871 Regards John
  13. Thanks jeebowhite - that's why I have not noticed anything. I use SMC in Sittingbourne - my wife has had two Fiesta's from them over the past 8yrs and they have taken care of both extremely well. I bought the new Fiesta and my Focus in December last year from them and I have a very good relationship with Sales, parts and Service - this probably helps in the level of Customer service I get - that and the £36k I spent in December of course. I used Dagenham Motors for my Wife's first Fiesta about 12yrs ago and I was not at all impressed with them. As I say it WAS 12yrs ago - plus it's too far away. Thanks again for your reply on DPF Regards John
  14. How do you know when it is regenerating? I have a Diesel - but cant say I have ever noticed anything? Regards John
  15. I have keyless entry and very occasionally I have to try twice - usually when it is wet. When I exit I press my thumb twice on the door handle contact to double lock it. On return I just grab the handle (front or rear) and it unlocks. John