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  1. Car Don`t Start!

    it`s done now - filters, glow plugs... no messages on dashboard. Galaxy 2007, 1.8 TDCI
  2. Car Don`t Start!

    It`s diesel, changed filters and plugs about 9 000 miles ago
  3. Car Don`t Start!

    engine is turning, but don`t start at all... but at first 3 days when this problem appear I could start it after ~ 1 min. turning...
  4. Car Don`t Start!

    Hi, my Ford Galaxy has a problem. Few days ago my car started fine as usuali, but dead after few seconds... after that hard to start it. It was 2 days like that, but now I can`t start it at all! Any idea???
  5. Obd Car Diagnostic Tool

    Hi, can someone recommend any OBD car diagnostic tool/reader! I have problem with some of injectors, so I need some reader which gives information about each cylinder, to understand which of them works different. Thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Armands :)