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  1. Focus Misfiring When Accelerating

    on another note some garage's have a data logger that plug's into your car and as you drive it records the engine input/output that can help them find the fault?
  2. Focus Misfiring When Accelerating

    i woud have thought if the pipe was broken the problem would always be there cold or warm. more likely to be electrcal or sensor i would think
  3. Focus Misfiring When Accelerating

    hard to tell what the problem could be it might be a intermitant fault in sensor in the manifold or the air intake (mass sensor ) regulating air intake worth checking
  4. Mk3 Ford Focus Rain Sensor (Like Or Dislike)

    thx for the post stony871 im sure this will help people check if that has been done awell.
  5. Mk3 Ford Focus Rain Sensor (Like Or Dislike)

    oh and thx for the welcom great to be here
  6. Mk3 Ford Focus Rain Sensor (Like Or Dislike)

    Very true i agree. i would also add that if it is not fitted correctly to contact the fitter again to get the sensor fixed in the right place and i think the distance from the screen is also critical for them to work aswell
  7. Mk3 Ford Focus Rain Sensor (Like Or Dislike)

    it's a mixed bag. some people love them some don't. i have seen on the net that people have had problems if say the screen has been replaced. so this tip is for anyone who would like just the intermitant wipers
  8. hi all this is to help anyone who is NOT a big fan of auto wipers on a mk3 focus. For me they don't work when i would like them to. so if you take the cover off the front windscreen (give a firm pull down it will come off) just unplug the cable from the sensor and you will then have intermitant wipers and the wheel on the stalk will give speed control as well hope this helps some people. happy days...
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums mark mk3 :)