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  1. Its done 77k so its not too bad considering its age? I will check the tail pipe tomorrow as its too dark now. I suspect you guys are right that it could be the age of it and because its an old car. Im planing on getting rid of it in March but i have my MOT coming up in Jan and dont want a huge bill lol
  2. Hi guys, Ive been having trouble with my 98 1.25 zetec ever since i bought it in Feb last year! Here are my 2 main problems; 1) My car seems to be drinking oil at a fast rate, since feb last year ive had to buy and top up the oil about 7 - 8 times. Iv even had an oil change but nothing has changed. Theres no sign of leak and the multiple mechanics its been too have said they cant find anything wrong as its not leaking or smoking etc. Surely its not normal to top up every month? 2) By far the worse problem, my car seems to stall and completely cut out on an often and random basis. At first i thought its my driving as its my first car but my gf has also experienced it cut out. I think it has something to do with the idle air control valve. The problems i face is when idle the needle on revs is supposed to be about 1.1 as i believe but mine is always under 1, usually 0.9. When i approach corners at low speed or junctions the car just lockes up and cuts out! no warning like chuddering asif its my driving. The only way i know is because the steering wheel locks up and battery light comes on. Ive noticed that the rev needle is all up and down like mad when i come to idle and this is why i believe this is the problem. Its been to 3 garages so far and nothing has fixed this problem? Could i just need to replace the valve completely as 2 of the garages have just cleaned the valve and it seems to work ok for a few weeks at the start but not even cleaning seems to help now? Please help if you can as this is costing me a small fortune!! Thanks guys!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Cooze :)