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  1. Hello, my my mechanic advised me my turbo hose had split and when I've tried to source the part I can only find the rubber hose? The hose is at the back of the engine and is metal and it connects to the turbo. does anyone know what this is called??
  2. Car has covered 102k and recently the gears have become very stiff and the clutch slips when the turbo kicks in. Also there's a noise when the engine idles. This all points at a new clutch however I'm confused it may be something else as the biting point isn't high at all?
  3. has anyone replaced their rear shocks themselfs? got a quote from a garage for £130 a side which seems very excessive as the rears are stand alone and theres only two bolts holding it. Are there any guides available? might have a go myself
  4. Just had my car serviced and the garage advised i needed my top strut mount replacing. Do i need this doing ASAP? it only rattles at low speed on a full left hand lock, normal driving conditions it doesnt seem to make a sound. When i bought the car i noticed it looked like someone had been taking the top mount off recently (my guess is to bodge it with grease) and it looked crossthreaded. The car had a full MOT when i bought it with no advisories. What can i expect to pay for a replacement?
  5. Cheers, Every time i fill the car i hear a rush of air is this normal? also the fuel gage sometimes drops to half when i have a full tank, 10 minutes or so later it will go back to the full.
  6. Thanks for the reply. This is my first car, previously was on a motorcycle for 4 years which you could ride as quick as you wanted and still returned 45mpg.
  7. i'm getting like 37mpg is this normal? my car is a 2004 fusion 2 1.4 Duratec. Most of my driving its dual carridgeways and i'm frugal with the throttle.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Jake of Teesside :)