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  1. Which Model Best To Keep?

    Thanks for your feedback,does anyone know what the difference in fuel consumption is? Both cars currently only do short journeys,maybe 5-15 miles at a time,and we both drive around 250 miles per week,this will obviously change when we are down to 1 car,but it will be just more of the short journeys.
  2. Which Model Best To Keep?

    Thanks for your opinions guys,is there any particular reason you would keep the 1.8,or is it just the power?
  3. Hi,new to forums.and need some advice. My wife and I have a focus each and we are looking to sell one due to affordability and the fact that we don't really need two cars,trouble is we don't know which one to sell. One is a 1.8 Zetec Climate TDCI,06 plate,80k on the clock,the other is a 1.6 LX TDCI, 55 plate,also 80k on the clock.They are both in good nick,I would say the 1.8 is much better for power when overtaking etc,but the 1.6 seems to be economical,although it's my wife's car and I can't be sure with that.Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums BillyD :)