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  1. Driveshaft Mondeo Mk111

    Hi. No, but that was my next step before i put the shaft into the broken hub. In the that one it go`s the same distance, so i think its fine...Thanks
  2. Hi I`m new to this site, hope some one can help me. I got a mondeo mk111. 02. I`m having trouble driving home fully the driveshaft(os) INTO THE HUB Not sure how far it`s supposed to go in. Does it have to sit flush with the top all the way in, or does it stop just short by a couple of millimeters. i tapped it in with a hammer and when it was acouple of mills short of the top of the splines a definite change in the sound and feel of the hammer hitting. Think that`s as far as it`s meant to go i think ?? JOHN
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums smallltoe :)