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  1. 04 Fiesta Remote Central Locking?

    Hi Steve, Thanks for welcome. Yeah I hope someone on here is able to help me.
  2. Would they fit a 04 Mk5 Fiesta as well do you think?
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first post on here so thanks for any help in advance, and sorry if this question has already been answered, couldn’t find anything in the search. I have just got a 2004 Fiesta that has central locking on it, with 2 keys with the blue chip on them. I would like to make the car remote locking. I have done some research on this already and understand that the GEM module is what controls this. My current module is part number 4S6T-15K600-BA, (I have tested to make sure it does not have the option of remote locking by turning my key from 0 to II 4 times and waiting for a sound to program a key, nothing happened.) My question for you all is what GEM module do I need to make this work? Then is it just a case of replacing the module, buying a remote key and programming it to the car (Locking & Immobiliser) Again thanks for any help on this one.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums squizz_uk :)