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  1. Hey

    Hey my names callan and I just bought a ford focus zetec climate. From the Isle of Wight.. Be good to get to know some people :D cheers
  2. Cd Player

    Thank you lol
  3. Cd Player

    Nice mate :)
  4. Cd Player

    Lol send me pic when it's done mate.. What car you got?? U on Facebook?
  5. Cd Player

    Cheers mate :) yeah I'm not sure what one yet. But I don't wanna get a single cd player coz it will make the dash look bear lol.. Looked at a couple of double dins today that I liked. But gonna have my sub wired up to it aswell. I hate the standard radio lol when you stop it turns itself down and sounds awful haha
  6. Cd Player

    Sorry lol it's 2005 what else ya need to know? The stereo in at the min is 6000cd player
  7. Cd Player

    Hi I have recently bought a focus zetec climate.. And have a question.. How do you remove the CD player from the dash and can you put a double din or single player in,,, I have a sub aswell which I can get fitted but just wondering about CD player cheers
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Iow89 :)