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  1. Hi there I have a problem with my Mondeo 2007 TDCI. I was driving home the other day, car was running all fine (completed a 100mile trip), no lights or nothing to indicate there is a problem, but a load of white smoke come out of the car and I couldn't see anything thing behind me when I put my foot down and was traveling 80mph and then a lost of power and a rattling sound. But then went back to normal however every time i start the car small amounts of smoke comes out then disappears just is currently parked up on my drive. I have seen that it can be the EGR or Fuel Injectors Just want to get more information really, and also how it would cost me to repair I'm planning to had it to my local ford garage as all the local garages just rip people off and never get the job done!
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Mandizzle1 :)