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  1. wierd problem, help!

  2. wierd problem, help!

    hi, i bought my fiesta a few weeks ago with this problem; the car; fiesta lx 1997 endura r engine 1.25 engine transplant 10k miles ago the problem; For first set time after ignition the car judders and pulses under high acceleration for about 30 seconds then runs fine! This ony happens for a set amount of time after you start it up, exactly the same every time, not dependant on the engine temperature. At full throttle in high rpm the car dies a bit, the power goes. but when u back off its fine again. my ideas are the first 30 secs or so of shuddering is the map, warm-up/start-up fuel enrichment and the second effect is overfuelling, i think someone has replaced the injectors with some off the zetec model.... but im not sure, i thiunk this is a common problem so i thought id ask you before i went tinkering! cheers