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  1. Speedo Hits Maximum

    Nah, seems to be always around he sort of 45 mins into the journey sort of time. Once or twice it hasn happened at all strangely enough so i am thinking of trying the battery disconnect, and reconnect idea to reset everything and see if it works. Either that or it is off to Ford to see what they say ?
  2. Speedo Hits Maximum

    Charge seems to be fine. Lights are all ok, starts first time every time and it just seems to happen after about 45 minutes running. I turn the engine off for 5 minutes and things reset themselves and then after about another 45 seconds the problem happens again. I then come back to thee car again the day after and its all normal...........until 45 minutes or so again.
  3. Speedo Hits Maximum

    Has anyone else had this problem ? Driving along after about an hour and suddenly the fuel guage drops to nil and the speedo rocks all the way round to over 140mph, which although impressive from a phot perspective, is concerning when it comes to speed cameras. Wondered if anyone else had this issue and what the fix might be for it ? X reg 1.8TD Finesse
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums bernaaard :)