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  1. Mondeo Dec 2007

    Its the ABS control unit and on back order at Ford could be 2 weeks or 2 months, now owned car 2 weeks and been in it for 24 hours max. Will never buy Ford again the service from the dealer and Ford Customer Service is a joke.
  2. Mondeo Dec 2007

    Hi My new shape Mondeo is having a problem, its just over 1 year old, Titanium X (if it matters) and I've owned the car for a week, within that week its been in Ford for 6 days!! The ABS, Brake and Stability lights are coming on the dash, the delear says its an electrical intermittent fault which they cant find. Ford are telling the dealer checks to perform which they do then they have to go back to Ford for further tests, surely they must have a fault process to follow? No body at teh dealer is spending there full time on the car as they are also doing other work at the same time due to waiting for Ford to come back to them, basically I'm getting nowhere! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin