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  1. Mk3 Focus Windscreen Sensor...?

    I dont think theres an update for European models just yet. I tried to download an update from the US site but they didnt accept my WIN number. Regarding the slow respond on some commands, I fiddled around in the SYNC settings and It appears now slighly more responsive and with some added functions. I dont know what i did step by step, but I can check the enabeled/disabeled functions in the menu
  2. Mk3 Focus Windscreen Sensor...?

    Pardon, but the to black boxes seems aftermarket style . My DAB antenna is mounted on the roof (30 cm'ish whip type) and alle of the sensor are grouped in a console and not visible on by one
  3. Mk3 Focus Windscreen Sensor...?

    There's a lot of sensors behind the rear view mirror. My Focus has Lane keeper and a sensor for it (scanning the lane separator line i the middle of the road + on the road shoulder, Active City Stop, and camera that reads traffic signs. Have had a couple of error messages due to dirt on the sensors/cameras. This was solved by a single wiper sweep. The answer to your questions could be multiple, also adding the option that your car is equipped with a sensor pack in the window suited for cars with higher specs and some functions are not available on your car. Regards from Norway
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Biggame :)

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      thanx Steve. Hopefully I can add some experience with the Focus from a Nordic enviroment and setup