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  1. My mistake mis read the trip computer for it lol wasthinking of something different when I wrote it lol, but was surprised it was glow plugs that caused the problem to be honest, though it woukd have been alot more serious
  2. Runs like a dream and getting abit MPG aswell :-):-):-)
  3. Replacing glow pugs has cured the problen and its alot more smoother running since I replaced the fuel filter :-):-):-):-)
  4. I know thats what i though but ill be starting with the glow plugs if its not that then ill move to the glow plug relay and see if thats cures it
  5. Found out the problem its glow plug related so getting them replaced tomorrow morning :-):-):-)
  6. Well ill try some injector fluid aswell still going to put on the diognostic just to make sure though and make sure it hasmt caused any more damaged
  7. i would but have have other commitments for the time been unfortunatly :( :( :(
  8. i wouldut haveother commitments for the time been unfortunatly :(:(:(
  9. okay changed the fuel filter and still running in limp mode, gettting it diognosed at some point in the next hour or 2 so i can find out the problem
  10. I know isearched high ad low to fid out the common fault and its how i came across this site aswell so im now just waiting for a lift to a parts store to get one and get it done, dont want to risk driving it incase it does any damage and would problem cause problems with the trip computer as in distasnce in miles left in tank to decrease aswell would you know, because since i have bought it and filled up everytime i have lost 10 miles on distance till empty on the trip computer :/
  11. Hi

    cheers guys i will and has anyone thought of making the club as a app on android and itunes so then people can post and look whilst on the move or just make it so that they veiw their pst and reply by signing in? just a thought lol and ill get some pictures up a soon as i can of the car and the site is great aswell cant really find any faults with it too be honest :):):)
  12. cheers mate im going to try the fuel filter as it seems to take longer than it should to start up, the car is due for a service but i know the fuel filter hasnt beenchanged since new and the cars done 65,000 thaks alot mate ill get that done this morning and see what its like
  13. had my ford focus 1.8 tdci 4 month and its my first ford car i have bought and it has up with engine systems failure with a red LED indicator next to the message display unit on the dascome h on the right hand side and gone in to limp mode, had a fault reader on it but didnt pick anything up do to been a faut reader and nothing special. Any idea to what could cause it this fault to appear?
  14. Hi

    hello my names mark i live in yorkshire, i drive a ford focus 1.8 tdci titanium on a 56 plate and 24 years of age.
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums bastow :)

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      cheers steve its nice to be a part of the site :):):)