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  1. Hi there new to this forum I'm buying a fiesta zetec tdi and have approx £3000 to spend, I've been looking at this model due to the tax and fuel economy and found lots available with different mileage both high and low, I can afford both the 2004 model with low mileage (70000) and 2006 facelift model with high mileage (90000+) so with them being diesels not fussed to much but what does the facelift model offer better than the later model (equipment) now I know about the headlights rear lights and front and rear bumpers that are different and that I prefer what else extra is available ???? Cheers
  2. Yes I believe the vehicle to have a full service history, but wondered if there are any tell tale signs or giggles with this model? Thanks
  3. Hey Going to do a test drive in the next couple of days, should there be anything I should be looking out for faults niggles ect? Cheers
  4. Hey there I'm Phil from stoke just about buy a 2005 fiesta for the wife. Cheers guys and gals
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Philious :)