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  1. seems im not the only 1 with rs 1800 probs, ive used same engine as replasement hart for my xr21 16v, but used xr2 cams throt bodies , all plumbed up but seems to be running very hot ,im about to give up and source a turbo engine lol, good luck sorry i cant help. ste
  2. xr2i

    hi i have same car m8, but the rs 1800 had same engine with different throt bodies , cams and ecu chip, cheep way to gain power from 105 to 130bhp, ste
  3. ok well thanks for the help lol joke,,,,fixed the car changed the therm and filler cap, all is well ,few. happy days
  4. Do you like?

    nice car m8
  5. hi just changed my engine for a recon 1.8 ztec . runs fine ,BUT compresion building up in the water system, any idea's????? rang the place were i bought engine from he said the heads fine he drove it for 3 months be4 breaking car. recond 3000 miles ago, please help as im running out of cash :( :( :( :( :( :( would an air lock or falty thermostat falty water pump cause the problem ??????
  6. Vibe Active 12" sub, amp and enclosure

    ill see the missis and see what she says lol, allso a m8 is after same thing so ill ask him for u too pal ste
  7. i just got a 1.8 rs 1800 engine for £100 recon 3000 miles, try get 1 of them real protental, if im wrong i hold my hands up as im no good under the bonnet lol,but i can paint lol good luck ste
  8. Vibe Active 12" sub, amp and enclosure

    hi pall how much u asking for it if its says in your add ive missed it but well, i am from wigan lol
  9. am new here folks

    hi m8 newbie here too nice moter pall ste
  10. replaceing an engine

    hi pall i cant help you but im replaceing my 1.8 xr2i engine on thursday dam fiestas hey,good job we love em, ste
  11. hi newbie here too just saying hi lol
  12. Heya!!

    hi and welcome im a newbie too, hope you enjoy the site.
  13. good luck with it pal,my mk3 had its door pulled back but lucky for me the batary wasnt in the car,im trying to !Removed! up with a new form of protection,about 10,000 valts thru the steering wheel, can any1 help make it lol
  14. ford all the way , 2 mk3 escorts, 2 mk2 xr2s and now xr2i 16v 1.8, beeeeaaaaaautival