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  1. Hi Dan. No luck I'm afraid, the 6.5 clusters are definitely not twist lock for the reverse lamps. Still looking for a way to get into them
  2. OK mate, I'll give it another go. Thanks for your help ! Regards, Steve K
  3. Daniel, thanks for your reply. When I released the clusters, only the indicator and brake lamps were twist lock, and therefore accessible from the "inside". It looks to me like the reversing bulbs are accessed from the "outside" of the unit, and that there is a clip out unit within the coloured lens section. I wanted to see if anybody else had removed these at all and if so, how easy it was ? Thanks again for your reply. Steve K
  4. Would anybody be kind enough to help me out with this bulb change. I have released the rear light clusters but the reversing bulbs are not the push fit or twist lock fittings. I can't see how to access the bulbs, would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks, Steve K
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums SteveyLa :)

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      Thanks very much for the welcome :)