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  1. Ith mad cos I don't wanna work in the rain today

  2. Hating life working in the cold

  3. So comfy in my bed! Shame I gotta get up in the morning 😠

  4. Forgot my charger ffs that's my battery dying before 12

  5. Feels so good to finish work while its still light outside!

  6. Down the motorway already on way to Preston #longdrive 😴

  7. In bed already gotta be up for half 4 hating life

  8. 16% battery and a hour journey back! #notgonnalast

  9. Glad I'm still in bed

  10. Tomorrow is a work day not a high day :(

  11. Always getting moaned at by @Ell_banister :(

  12. Cba with work tomorrow