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  1. Thanks for the response, if I don't plug the iPhone into the car with a USB cable it plays the sounds fine, it's only after I plug it in and it says "iPod initialising" it goes quiet. I can still select line-in and get music playing through the device though that doesn't play the sat nav sounds either. It's a real head scratcher!
  2. Hey, thanks for your reply. I've double checked and tried again but it just won't take the sound from the sat nav app. Any other ideas?
  3. Dear all I cover a fair few miles on business in my Fiesta and have recently started to use the TomTom APP for the iPhone with all of the Live traffic updates and wizardry. What I cannot fathom is how to get the "turn left/right" and sounds that the app generates to either come through the car sound system or, just just play through the iPhone. I plug the phone in via the USB input to charge it as the cigarette lighter style charger is used for the dash-camera. It's a 62 plate Mark 7 with bluetooth. I use the phone system through sync regularly and can get songs to play through the system, but unfortunately the Sat Nav is causing a few headaches. Can anyone help me? Many thanks! Hangman
  4. Best Colour Fiesta?

  5. Your Fiesta

    Nissan Micra... not the best for motorway work though it was free. The Fiesta is way more composed, especially on the motorway. I slightly regret not getting a Titanium for the cruise control and posh radio unit, but I'm just being picky to be honest.
  6. Your Fiesta

    It always looks angry for some reason. It's a Zetec with Bluetooth. Very happy with it... still yet to do 2000 miles... hovering around 1900 at the moment. First Ford...
  7. Awful Driving

    I've just bought a RoadHawkHD car cam for this reason... if it isn't my fault when there's an accident I'll have some evidence to prove it.
  8. New Car Tomorrow!

    Some ambient lighting shots would be great. Very nice car and, it looks very good in red. I agree that your car looks slightly maturer than the Zetec S - IMO subtly is the way forward.
  9. Fiesta Mpg

    My 62 plate 82ps drove normally gets about 38mpg. Thats 50/50 motorway and suburbs driving.
  10. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Work for a pharma company on the way to QP status.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Hangman :)