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  1. What a lovely post style you have! A pleasure to read! Car looks fab too!
  2. Congrats! What you getting?!
  3. Some cool photos! Some of my Focus from Trax - Detox'd then Auto Finesse Rejuvenate to clean with Poorboys White Diamond over and Auto Finesse Spirit on top.
  4. if you want to try a bit of DIY, then you can get some 3M PPF quite cheap and have a go yourself: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3M-Car-Paint-Protection-Film-CLEAR-Vinyl-Wrap-1m-39-8-x-0-10m-3-9in-/201614223495?hash=item2ef124e887:m:m6frvo836hIl2SCxeIvM4_g
  5. I just asked a Michelin online rep:
  6. Age. Old enough to not pay over the odds for insurance Car. Mk3 Focus RS Insurance. £260.61 (Direct Line) Car. Audi A2 Tdi (daily chugger) Insurance. £280 (Admiral) Sometimes insurance is hard to fathom out...
  7. That looks lovely! Still miss my old ST2 in the ubiquitous Electric Orange, but making do with the RS now..
  8. Looks like a cracking car - bet you're chuffed!
  9. It's meant to be like that. http://www.knfilters.com/cleaning.htm This video shows the cleaning and re-oiling process. Re-oiling at about 50s.
  10. Welcome along from a fellow East Midlander
  11. Couple of these: http://otto-models.com/en/ot200/355-ford-focus-rs.html
  12. I ordered a couple of the Otto 1/18 ones directly from Otto on a pre-order back at the beginning of August so they should be on the way soon.
  13. Some lovely models in this thread! I'll take a few snaps of my little collection tonight - I tend to only get ones of the cars I've got, had or a variation of, so there aren't that many lol Took this one the other day as the 2 rarer coloured ones arrived in the post:
  14. Sounds like a crap IFA to me. I did the first 2 years training to become one a few years back (but then circumstances changed so I couldn't continue) but like to keep abreast of things.
  15. Or for the sake of a couple of hundred quid it'd be well worth getting an independent Financial Advisor and letting them sort it for you if you've a chequered credit file. They can access all your credit scores (without leaving a footprint) and match your profile to the financial institutions criteria for acceptance. They can also get rates and deals that you as joe public can't.