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  1. I have the panel in my Focus and it's a great match for shade and texture. I just use it for the 3.5mm jack plug to save connecting to the one in the glovebox. I did try the Ford approved USB >musicbox< but it wouldn't work properly with my Denso sat-nav so the O/H has it in her Fiesta ST now and that works fine with the Sony stereo.
  2. Looks lovely in blue - get it remapped!
  3. Bluefin is very popular yes (it's what I have - can't fault it), but so is Dreamscience, code red, collins and revo amongst others. They're all around the £320 > £500 mark and depends if you want a handset or not and how aggressive you want your turbo to come in. That is a compromise with longevity / clutch survival I'd advise...
  4. It's not really the same engine as an RS. The main differences are: Internals, rods, pistons, crank, inlet camshaft and cobalt coated liners and the compression is lower. Bigger turbo as well and oil pump and cooler. The fact that Ford don't maintain warranty for the Mountune MR290 package whereas the MP260 does should tell you something about the reliable tuning capability of the ST engine...
  5. It's generally regarded on the owners forum that for the odd track day you'll be just as well off with the genuine ford pads and discs as they perform very well. I got front and rear pads and discs from my local dealer last year for just over £200 and fitted them myself. Bargain.
  6. Nowt wrong with remapping to that on a standard car. It might be wise to get an uprated intercooler for the summer (haha!) to keep the temps down. I run Bluefin stage 2 with just an intercooler and it's fine. I get more MPG as a nice consequence..
  7. Welcome along - I've got a Ford / Volvo combo that works quite well
  8. Welcome :) There's one of those TDCi sport vans round my way that looks just like an ST - especially as it's in performace blue. Smart little motor B)
  9. you need 4x108 with a 63.4mm centre bore so those alloys won't fit unless you've got a 20lb sledgehammer.
  10. Morollo Red - only available on the titanium I think?
  11. None of the so called "specalists" such as Sky / Adrian Flux / Greenlight could get near my Aviva quote of £360 last year with mods declared. So all in all for a modified Focus ST with circa 280bhp, I think I won :)
  12. Saw these at Rockingham years ago: Spotted this at the Nurburgring in 2007: Other good ones:
  13. The only recall I've heard of is a brake issue on the new Fiesta ST..
  14. As I thought - looks too much IMO. As long as you like it though then that's the main thing :)
  15. ^^ What Gary said ^^ Although I prefer the prefacelift alloys: to the facelift: