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  1. From an engineering and aesthetic point of view I prefer the Mk2 ST - chunky and purposeful without too many flourishes. (Yes, I prefer the look more than my Mk3 RS)
  2. Lovely! (But then I would say that as I founded and run lol)
  3. More the time of year than anything else - mines got the full on "Rally slag" mudflap kit and it still looks like a tractors been at the back of it after a mile on the roads.
  4. Not been doing any modifications or anything (or washing it much for that matter - love the dirty "Rallye Sport" look) but happened across T23FRS bigger American cousin today. Grabber Blue really is Nitrous blue but without the sparkly flake:
  5. I found one of those too in Woolaston:
  6. So are the rumours true about the Sync 3 equipped cars? Can it be? Do you only have one boot light?!?!
  7. Have you got keyless entry on order? If you have, then get yourself a fraaday bag to keep your keys in at home so scum types can't scan your house for keys in the middle of the night and help them selves to your car.
  9. Tiny update: So after months of not washing it because driving it around the country lanes was so much fun, I finally got around to getting it clean again. The Tractor populated lanes have taken their toll though: Mudflaps doing their job: Auto finesse Avalanche, Dodo Juice Born to be mild shampoo, Dooka lambswool wash mitt and some elbow grease later: Time to go get it messy again. :)
  10. Still miss my old Electric Orange ST!! *sigh.. I'll toot if I'm in the RS
  11. Looks lovely! Welcome to the NB Focus RS club - had mine since April
  12. The big ones have arrived! Got 2 - one to put out, one to squirrel away. ] 1/18, 1/43, 1/64
  13. There's no need to use smutty innuendo in joke telling.... ...but sometimes I like to slip one in.
  14. As long as the loading is the same or better (the number) and the speed rating is the same or better (the letter) you'll be fine. Might be an idea to look up what was standard for your car rather than "whats on" just to be sure.
  15. Since passing my test in 1989 (yes, I'm old) There seems to be people with an awful lot of cars they've owned! But then when I look back at my 27 years of driving, there's been a few more than I first realised.. I posed this elsewhere with pictures - everyone like pictures don't they? ------------ 1982 Metro 1.3S 1987 Nova 1.3SR 1986 Nova Sport 1993 BMW 320i Coupe 1996 Mondeo 2.0 GLX 1993 Fiat Panda 1.0 1995 BMW 730i (V8) 1996 Escort 1.8 TDi 1993 Fiesta 1.3 1996 Escort 1.8 TD 1999 Puma 1.7 - Got me back into the "Car Scene" and into car Fora. So much so that I made my own with a mate back in 2007 1993 Mondeo 1.8GLX - stop gap whilst the ^Puma was having work done 2006 Mondeo ST TDCi - Thought I'd go "mature" and get something comfy. Was a bit dull though. 2006 Focus ST2 - Went mental. Was an awesome car, and one of the few I regretted selling. Sold it to a good mate though who looked after it well. 2007 Mazda 3 MPS - More power than the above but had zero personality. 2001 Puma 1.7 Thunder - Became a daily driver because of the miles I was doing and didn't want to drive the car below too much 2005 BMW M3 (sold July 2015) - Bit of a garage queen. Was 100% stone chip free and immaculate. Was scared to drive it! Should have bought a bodywork wreck and enjoyed the 6cyl howl Current little beast: 2004 Audi A2 TDi - 60mpg, just about run in now it's on 108,000 miles. Can almost get the MOT by post it's that over engineered. Current big beast: 2016 Focus RS. Promised myself a brand new car, might as well make it a good'un. Then in a strange coincidence, I stumbled across my previous M3 at Silverstone on Sunday so had to get a snap of them both together: