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  1. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    No problem in hijacking dansallis But to flesh it out a bit more with the eco button - from the manual: I've not noticed any difference pressing the Eco button as I've only just pressed it! Just completed 3 full tanks driving smoothly and economically to and from work without Eco button pushed and have averaged 50.4mpg (calculated) over those full tanks. I've now pressed the Eco button and will do another 3 full tanks on the same commute (and same grade of petrol from the same Shell station) to make a direct comparison. It did feel a bit more sluggish this morning but I've only done 35 miles so far with the Eco button pushed. Will update when I have some comparable data.
  2. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    Gotta wait until parking pilot has a fit and goes red! lol
  3. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    Got around to giving him a quick bath: A quick bit of pre-wash whilst I get the pressure washer and buckets ready: Didn't take much to get the shine back - there's a bit of tar and a little bit of fallout but I'll give it a full detox when the weather is warmer than 3 deg C. There's a couple of stone chips but nothing unexpected in a year old car. No paint defects, dents or scuffs which is good. Really enjoying the drive with it's remarkable 1.0t engine that has quite a bit of torque low down. It's nice and relaxing when you want to be but has a mini rumble when you put your foot down.
  4. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    Well the Fiesta replaced an A2 Tdi that regularly got 60+ mpg but I much prefer the quietness of the petrol Fiesta :) I hopped in my RS for the first time in weeks and after driving the Fiesta solid for a fortnight and boy did it seem even more fun than I remember! lol
  5. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    Had both cars briefly on the drive at the same time yesterday - the colours are similar in one angle and different in another. Will have to wait and see what they're like when they're both clean and next to each other properly:
  6. What fuel do you use ?

    In the RS I have only ever put Shell V-Power in it and will continue to do so. (Although I wouldn't be that worried about putting Tesco Momentum 99 in as a reputable tuner / BTCC car builder told me it's a good fuel) The 1.0t Fiesta gets normal Shell Unleaded. My old VAG diesel A2 used to get supermarket diesel when the wife filled it up and it started to run pretty poorly - struggling on load on occasion. Switching to Normal Shell 90% cured the issue and V-Power Diesel completely cleared it. I believe the added cleaners kept the injectors cleaner and able to flow correctly. That observation wasn't over one or two tanks, but over 57,000 miles in 3 years worth of fill-ups so in my mind, there is a difference. I'll not be putting supermarket fuel in either of my cars. I've been driving now for nearly 30 years and in my experience the supermarket fuels (except momentum 99) are not as good as the mainstream ones that tend to have more cleaners as standard. Others may disagree which is fine, but that's my opinion.
  7. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    First fuel fill up has happened now and managed 51.5mpg so can't complain. It drives really well with it's torque centered between about 1500 - 2000rpm so makes for relaxed driving which is sometimes good after a naff day at work. Compared to the RS it feels like a super smooth limo
  8. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    Hopefully it'll be a mix of fun and economy. I've the RS if I want to go a tad quicker
  9. Having sold the A2 as it was feeling a bit tired, and because I found myself with an itchy V5 (and the RS wasn't going anywhere) I looked about for a new car. After much deliberation I've stepped away from the diesel engine and gone for a fuel efficient petrol, namely a 1.0t 3 cylinder one year old Fiesta Zetec S in Pearlescent Candy Blue. Being a picky bugger I had them recondition the alloys to "as good as new" as there were a few scrapes and a new tyre as well which they did free of charge as I was a returning customer. (The same chain of Ford franchise I got the RS from) Comes with a few toys as it's an ex demo car - Sat Nav, Keyless Mykey, DAB radio, USB, Heated front screen, rear parking sensors etc so will be good for my commute. Only driven it home 30 odd miles so far but it's a nice drive with some nippy oomph. Free VED is nice too. Picked it up today: A few of the for sale photos that actually show it off as it was dark when I got home! Outside guarding his big brother: Will get some up to date photos once the snows gone and I can wash it.
  10. Vibration on acceleration

    Did you change the inner and outer CV joints when you did the driveshafts? I had a worn "female" casting with grooves worn in it from the tri-bearing arrangement once causing vibration on acceleration.
  11. 1.7 puma rocker cover gasket

    Best to get a genuine Ford one and then add a little gasket sealant as well. Don't over tighten the nuts back down as they go into the camshaft guides.
  12. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    I got those too - only for the one in front of the gearstick really.. lol Did you get the email about the dash carpet? I order that too for the hell of it. Car looks ace by the way - done many miles? I did 5000 in my first year as it had it's first yearly service at the end of last month and the PCM update..
  13. So - drove home 33 miles from the dealers and shoved it in the garage. Got it out today and the "oil change required" warning came on the dash! Seems like I serviced it just at the right time! Reset it now so all good. (Dealer can't reset it until it comes up on the dash so a simple procedure over the phone to reset it)
  14. Can't believe it's now a year to the day that I collected my car It went for it's first yearly service yesterday (2nd oil change) and had the PCM and audio update whilst it was there. I'm not sure if it's my imagination, or just that I got stuck in a bit of traffic on the way out but there's more pops and bangs even in normal mode. The audio is much better now as well with a fuller sound now something is coming out the rears. Had to laugh at the tyre depth on the health check - Front's 6mm, rear 7mm. As new they're only 7.3mm. Safe to say I haven't really driven it at it's full potential over the last 5496 miles. :whistle: But I've loved every one of them. After a years motoring, these are my figures:
  15. Steering wheel vibrations

    If it's doing it when (mostly) accelerating, then a worn CV joint may also do it. More likely to be wheel / bush related but just another option should they be fine.