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  1. Vibration on acceleration

    Did you change the inner and outer CV joints when you did the driveshafts? I had a worn "female" casting with grooves worn in it from the tri-bearing arrangement once causing vibration on acceleration.
  2. 1.7 puma rocker cover gasket

    Best to get a genuine Ford one and then add a little gasket sealant as well. Don't over tighten the nuts back down as they go into the camshaft guides.
  3. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    I got those too - only for the one in front of the gearstick really.. lol Did you get the email about the dash carpet? I order that too for the hell of it. Car looks ace by the way - done many miles? I did 5000 in my first year as it had it's first yearly service at the end of last month and the PCM update..
  4. So - drove home 33 miles from the dealers and shoved it in the garage. Got it out today and the "oil change required" warning came on the dash! Seems like I serviced it just at the right time! Reset it now so all good. (Dealer can't reset it until it comes up on the dash so a simple procedure over the phone to reset it)
  5. Can't believe it's now a year to the day that I collected my car It went for it's first yearly service yesterday (2nd oil change) and had the PCM and audio update whilst it was there. I'm not sure if it's my imagination, or just that I got stuck in a bit of traffic on the way out but there's more pops and bangs even in normal mode. The audio is much better now as well with a fuller sound now something is coming out the rears. Had to laugh at the tyre depth on the health check - Front's 6mm, rear 7mm. As new they're only 7.3mm. Safe to say I haven't really driven it at it's full potential over the last 5496 miles. :whistle: But I've loved every one of them. After a years motoring, these are my figures:
  6. Steering wheel vibrations

    If it's doing it when (mostly) accelerating, then a worn CV joint may also do it. More likely to be wheel / bush related but just another option should they be fine.
  7. 2017 fiesta st

  8. 2017 fiesta st

    Haha - posting my tweetings on here... I feel famous..lol
  9. Mk1,2 or 3?

    From an engineering and aesthetic point of view I prefer the Mk2 ST - chunky and purposeful without too many flourishes. (Yes, I prefer the look more than my Mk3 RS)
  10. New(ish) Racing Puma owner

    Lovely! (But then I would say that as I founded and run http://www.projectpuma.com lol)
  11. Dirty Focus

    More the time of year than anything else - mines got the full on "Rally slag" mudflap kit and it still looks like a tractors been at the back of it after a mile on the roads.
  12. Not been doing any modifications or anything (or washing it much for that matter - love the dirty "Rallye Sport" look) but happened across T23FRS bigger American cousin today. Grabber Blue really is Nitrous blue but without the sparkly flake:
  13. Things I Do Like

    I found one of those too in Woolaston:
  14. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    So are the rumours true about the Sync 3 equipped cars? Can it be? Do you only have one boot light?!?!
  15. Ford Focus ST security measures

    Have you got keyless entry on order? If you have, then get yourself a fraaday bag to keep your keys in at home so scum types can't scan your house for keys in the middle of the night and help them selves to your car.