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  1. Happy Birthday Gavc!

  2. Thanks for your kind words lads, I've picked myself up and dusted myself down and ready to carry on but selling my car will solve some problems, so if anyone's interested please get in touch. :)
  3. Hi guys, hope your all well, been away for a while sorting some personal stuff and unfortunately this means I'm selling my beloved z's!!! :( So if anyone's interested in purchasing my gorgeous car or knows anyone please pm me.
  4. Cheers guys, that's that off the mod list! ;)
  5. Lol had feeling you would be the first to comment mate ;) Seen a few tint films on eBay claiming to be mot legal, guess that's not true? Cheers mate
  6. Hi guys, thinking of a light smoke tint on my headlights, anyone know if this is legal? Cheers
  7. Hey sal, nice car mate and love the colour coded fog surrounds definantly sold it for me! No mate got them from a seller called automotive_jandj :)
  8. Car looks sweet Lenny, you've done a great job there mate!!! :)
  9. Cheers preee :)
  10. Thanks sal, got the heko's off eBay £30 for the 4 piece set. Think I will go for the colour coded mate, have you a build thread for your car?
  11. Lol in all the excitement about my grilles I completely forgot the heko's I fitted on Friday!! Already thinking what's next, got to do something with the fog surrounds and bonnet lip and seriously looking at led rear lights.
  12. All fitted, they really make a difference to the look of the front. Pics aren't great but you get the idea. Only trouble now is that it makes the fog surrounds stand out, still not sure whether to gloss black them or colour code?!? What do you people's think?
  13. Thanks mate! :)
  14. Picked up my front grilles today from the paint shop, I think they look fab! Just going out to fit them now, before the rain. High gloss enough for you Lenny?? Lol ;)
  15. +1 Lenny