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  1. Water Leak

    I had a water leak a year ago. 3 inches of water in wheel well and back seat wet. 4 leaks found - 2 in roof rack trim and 2 in body work elsewhere. Headlining seemed dry but staining came through about 4 months later. Apparently sorted by Ford. Now its leaking again!
  2. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    I had a water leak on back seat and boot - about 3 inches of water in the wheel well. It first happened when it was 4 months old and they supposedly fixed it. Headlining had to be replaced as marks came through. All fixed under warranty. 2 leaks in roof (roof rack trim) and 2 in body work. That was a year ago now its happened again. . Screen mists too!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums fox34 :)