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  1. New Owner - Focus Zetec S '10' Plate

    Does the 'S' on the front grill is smaller that the one on the boot ? and did you just stick it or you did something else ? Thank you.
  2. My Titanium Sport

    Thanks mate, it's a kind of a "special edition" if you prefer, it's like in Belgium there are Francorchamp focus. Do you have any pictures of this ? But i like my overlays like that
  3. 1.0 Ecoboost

    i heard some people saying that the 1.0 ecoboost is not that economic ..
  4. My Titanium Sport

    Here is the bumper mister gumpy321
  5. My Titanium Sport

    Some photos are coming
  6. My Titanium Sport

    Yes absolutely it's a Titanium Sport. I will upload some photos later on ;)
  7. My Titanium Sport

    Thanks for sharing your pic mate ! Yeah good idea, i didn't think about it! But would the 'S' badge look better alone ?!? If somebody handle photoshop well ...
  8. My Titanium Sport

    Thanks buddy, but obviously no one wants to share ideas .. Never mind, i appreciate your bump up thanks, i think imma move the " focus " and stick the S on the right like the ST one
  9. My Titanium Sport

    Do some members have some pictures of their focus boot with the 'S' badge on it please, just to see where can i stick mine Any suggestion please ?
  10. Haz93's Zetec S

    Does your Led fit the focus from 2007 ?
  11. My Titanium Sport

    i did and you didn't stick the 'S' badge on your boot, it looks good on the wings too.
  12. Which Color Would Be The Best ?

    Try a Magnum Grey or a Carbon Grey
  13. My Titanium Sport

    Thanks mate! Yes that's exactly what i was thinkin of, i wanted to removed the focus on the left and just stick the S badge where the ST one would be on the ST. But i really want to be sure before doing something that i would regret.. The Zetec and the S badge is a good option too ...
  14. My Titanium Sport

    As Promised to some members here is a picture of the Focus Zetec S Rear Valance painted in a dark grey. By the way, Where can i stick the 'S' badge on the boot, any suggestions please ?
  15. Allright you did a great job as usual mate !